Regional Labour hire specialises in managing your labour for your regional projects. Whether it is assembling a crew for pruning or managing a plantation project from the beginning until completion.

Regional offers the complete horticultural service from staffing issues to planning the logistical problems associated with big plantation projects.

Our workers can be provided with the necessary onsite training and tools to complete the job.


Tree Plantation (including Orchard)

Regional has a great deal of experience within the plantation industry, we have worked on a number of Paulownia, Casuarina, Pine and Sandalwood plantations to assist with the implementation and rejuvenation from a poor state back to healthy timber source.

Works in this area include completely coppercing all trees using wood chipping machinery to chip all of the old timber on to the tree lines to assist with weed control and rebuild the organic matter into the soil. From there we use the existing root stock to select the strongest timber leader and maintain its training and vertical growth through the summer period. We consistently prune the trees keeping the leaf and pruning out of the lateral branches.

The two larger paulownia plantations we carry out works for cover 305 and 246 hectares and have 86,000 and 69,000 trees respectively.

Pine tree pruning is carried out at various locations within a 250km radius of Perth.

We carry out Fungicide and Herbicide spray applications for these customers as required.

Regional also has a full pesticides operators license issued by the The Health Department of Western Australia. Our license number is 1100, with this we can cover all aspects of Herbicide, Fungicide and Insecticide spray application

Olive Groves

Regional have been involved in all facets of olive grove set up and maintenance. A great deal of work has been carried out on many of the large olive groves in Western Australia. Work carried out includes Pruning, De suckering fungicide and herbicide applications irrigation repair and re staking.

Among our recent projects we are involved in the planting of in excess 50,000 trees in the Avon Valley region. Components of this job include Marking,staking,tying and fertilization.

Each year we are contracted to carry out pruning on somee 250,000 trees within this region. We currently put teams together from 1-30 people to carry out general works and pruning on various olive groves.

The olive industry around the Gingin region continues to be one of the fastest growing horticulral aspects in the area with tree number in excess of 1 million.


Australia has now become one of the global leaders in wine production it is no surprise with it perfect climate this area has some thriving producers.

It is no surprise then that Regional Labour Hire is involved in all aspects of vineyard maintenance. We supply anywhere up to 30 staff on any one vineyard during vine pruning and grape picking.

Our staff are proficiently trained in vine planting and training through the early growth stages. We have staff and machinery available to run trellis wire and reticulation pipe for new vineyards as well as replacements in older style vineyards.

We are able to put together a full and detailed setup program. Starting from the initial ground clearing through to soil sampling and irrigation layout your projects will be meticulously planned. We can accommodate GPS surveying to aid with marking out the vineyard.

Regional also has a full pesticides operators license issued by the The Health Department of Western Australia. Our license number is 1100, with this we can cover all aspects of vineyard Herbicide, Fungicide and Insecticide spray applications.

Chicken Sheds

We can supply casual labour to intensive farm operations covering all facets of day to day running. Areas include cleaning and hosing, maintenance of food and water supply, tractor drivers and general animal husbandry.

Regional Labour Hire has been supplying labour to intensive farms for five years and fully understands quarantine issues we will provide extensive checks and implement restrictions to ensure no contamination. Our casual staff are always fully briefed on these issues.

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